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12 Yorkie Myths So You Can Know The Truth.

Myth 1: Yorkies are Hypoallergenic Despite popular belief, no dog breed is completely hypoallergenic. While Yorkies have hair instead of fur, they still produce dander, saliva, and urine, which can trigger allergic reactions in...


How Much Food Should A Yorkie Eat Per Day?

Yorkshire Terriers, affectionately known as Yorkies, are a popular choice for many dog lovers due to their small size, charming personalities, and adaptability to various living situations. However, owning a Yorkie comes with the...


12 Realities New Yorkie Owners Must Accept

Welcoming a Yorkshire Terrier, affectionately known as a Yorkie, into your home is an exciting and rewarding experience. These pint-sized pups capture hearts with their adorable appearance and vibrant personalities. However...