Why Your Yorkie Bites You When You Come Home? (8 Reasons )

When your dog bites you upon your return home, it can be alarming and may indicate various underlying reasons. Here are eight potential reasons why your dog may exhibit this behavior:

1. Excitement and Overstimulation

  • Your dog may bite as a result of excitement and overstimulation upon your arrival home. This behavior can stem from the anticipation of attention, play, or walks, leading to impulsive and playful biting.

2. Attention-Seeking Behavior

  • Some dogs may resort to biting as a way to gain attention from their owners. If they perceive biting as an effective means of eliciting a response, they may repeat this behavior to seek interaction or affection.

3. Lack of Bite Inhibition

  • Dogs may inadvertently use their mouths to interact with their owners, especially if they have not learned proper bite inhibition during puppyhood. This behavior can manifest as playful mouthing or nipping, which may escalate into biting.

4. Resource Guarding

  • If your dog displays possessive or territorial behavior, they may resort to biting when you return home as a way to assert control over their space or resources. This can occur if your dog perceives you as encroaching on their territory or disrupting their routine.