What is a Yorkie’s diet?

You’re looking after a Yorkie, and although you’re giving him all the love and attention you can muster, it still doesn’t solve a very important problem: you don’t know how to feed him. Every breed of dog has its own characteristics and doesn’t necessarily feed in the same way or with the same foods, because their morphologies and digestive systems are very different from one another. So how do you know what to feed your dog, and how do you choose the right food for his needs?

What food should a Yorkie have?
As Yorkshires are fairly small dogs in size and volume, their bodies don’t require huge quantities of food, unlike other carnivorous breeds. Nevertheless, their diet is very fussy, as their digestive system is not as strong as that of other dogs, which is why you need to keep a close eye on what they eat and what they are fed.

You should also be aware that the way you feed your dog differs according to its age, as a puppy will not necessarily have the same needs as an adult dog.

For small dogs, it’s essential to respect mealtimes and not to eat at any time. Morning and afternoon meals can be light, such as egg omelettes or fruit cut into small squares; however, it’s preferable not to give them too many egg whites.

As for the other meals, these are the most important of the day, so they should be mainly composed of proteins for your dog’s healthy development, but also starchy foods for meal consistency.

For an adult Yorkshire, the diet isn’t much different from that of a puppy, but it needs to be more substantial as your dog has grown and his needs have increased. You should therefore provide him with protein-rich meals, but you can also buy him portions of prepared food suited to your pet in specialized stores. Don’t forget to give your Yorkie plenty of water, as it’s very important for digestion and development.

What foods shouldn’t I feed my Yorkshire?
Your Yorkie’s stomach is fragile and takes a long time to digest what he eats, so it’s normal to find certain foods that are not recommended or even forbidden for your dog.

Here are just a few of the things you shouldn’t give your dog:

Apart from milk, all dairy products are strongly discouraged.
Sugar is also the enemy of Yorkshires, but also of all dogs, as it directly attacks their teeth, which could then prevent them from eating.
Avoid using spices in the dishes you serve your dog.
All peanuts, walnuts, cashews and almonds are strictly forbidden for them.
Certain vegetables, such as cabbage, are also forbidden, as they can cause swelling and bloating in the stomach.
Check that you have removed all bones from the meat and fish you feed him, as this could be dangerous for him.
Avoid fatty foods or cooking with oil, as these are very bad for your dog’s digestive system.
So that’s pretty much all there is to know about Yorkshire dogs and their diet, although you should try to vary your dog’s food and not always serve him the same thing.