The particularities of the Yorkshire: what do we know about this dog?

The Yorkshire is a very special little dog. It comes from the terriers and mines of England (York or Yorkshire). He’s gone from being a small terrier dog to a highly prized companion dog. He has won the hearts of millions of people around the world.

He’s a very gentle dog, with a temperament all his own, who loves to play. So if you’re looking for a dog to have fun with, go out for walks, or simply to liven up your life a bit. This breed of dog is perfect. It’s a really endearing dog, full of life, very smart, sometimes just doing what it wants. That’s why you need to train him from an early age. Because he’s quite stubborn, in time he’ll take over if you do nothing. Of course, you’ll need to train him gently, and neither mistreatment nor violence will be tolerated.

This dog has special characteristics that make it endearing and very affectionate. He’ll fill you with love and happiness. It’s an animal that leaves no one indifferent.

What are the characteristics of the Yorkshire?
The Yorkshire is a dog like no other. Over the last hundred years, it has evolved from a terrier’s dog to a luxury dog. Very popular at the end of the nineteenth century, he soon became the darling of Hollywood’s leading personalities. At one time, he helped his master chase rabbits down rabbit holes, scare away rats and mice…he was a very helpful dog, always ready to please his master. But his life has changed dramatically since then. The number of adoptions has risen steadily, and he has become the favorite dog of French owners.

He’s a small dog with the following characteristics:

very lively
Always in need of attention;
Doesn’t like to be alone;
loves to play and run;
he perceives his master’s emotions;
he’s very handsome, with his golden, steel-blue or gray coat, he won’t go unnoticed at dog shows;
V-shaped, upright ears; dark brown eyes. They’re very expressive, sparkling and brilliant, brimming with life;
He can spend time on a sofa, as well as outside;
They are very affectionate, often expressing their love for their master;
he’s not afraid of big dogs, he’s very brave and reckless;
He has a temperament that needs to be trained well, without showing violence; he understands quickly, he’s very attentive, cunning and clever, he’s very intelligent.

Why choose the Yorkshire?
With all the characteristics we’ve just mentioned, you’ll be hard pressed to remain indifferent to this very special dog. Behind his beautiful coat and long hair lies a dog with character.

He’s gentle and affectionate;
attentive and loyal;
he loves a challenge;
He loves to run and roam in nature (gardens, walks…);
a very useful animal, especially in its natural habitat. It hunts small pests (rats, etc.) and rabbits;
weighs between two and three kilos; measures between 15 and 20 cm;
It’s a hardy dog; it can live up to 14 years;
A good little watchdog with an excellent sense of smell.