Top 10 dogs that have changed the most over time, the ones we’ve over-selected

Natural selection is when animals are left alone and evolve little by little (we’re not going to go into Darwin all over again, but you know what we’re talking about.) The selection of pedigree dogs, on the other hand, is not natural at all. We breed them according to the characteristics we want to keep, and as a result, they evolve much more rapidly. The results can be seen in a few decades (or even less). And some breeds have evolved quite a bit in that time. Let me tell you right away: we don’t think it’s very nice, either aesthetically or ethically (and this top dog breeds honest version can testify to that).

The Pug
The Pug has lost a few centimetres of leg length and his nose has completely shortened. It was bad enough before, but now it’s a mess. Poor thing. Carlin owners, tell us: don’t you really think your dog is beautiful? You adopted him to make fun of him, didn’t you?

Pomeranian Spitz
Also known as the Dwarf Spitz by those who can’t say “Loulou de Poméranie” without bursting out laughing after the second syllable. The program of transformations includes: ears that have become rounder, shorter legs, a smaller muzzle and, above all, a much less noble look. We preferred the version from a century ago, even if he’s still one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

He’s gone to the Broken Links Farm for a little vacation, and he’s with all his buddies, don’t worry.

The Bull Terrier
The typical dog that gives you the creeps when you see him on the street has totally changed in 100 years. Before, he was slim and had a rather decent face. Today, he’s a lump of muscle with a much more downward-pointing muzzle. We can also mention his dangling whisker pads, which make him look a little silly, whereas he used to exude intelligence.

The Saint Bernard
Oooooh the big, cute doggie. He’s really got a good face, the Saint-Bernard. Even more so now that he’s gotten a little bigger. Maybe it’s because he’s getting off his butt a little less?

The Toy Poodle
Now that’s his granny’s little dog. The mutt that all the other dogs in the neighborhood make fun of because he has to endure endless styling sessions. And apart from his look, which has gone out of fashion, Poodle Toy’s face has also changed: it’s now less triangular. A bit more like a teddy bear, to match its name.

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He didn’t suffer, I promise

The Bulldog
The Bulldog’s change isn’t incredible, but it is noticeable that he’s become even stockier and more muscular than before. He’s still as ugly as ever, but then, he’s nice, so we forgive him. Still, it’s a bit weird to breed dogs who are out of breath as soon as they take three steps. Maybe we should leave them alone.

The German Shepherd
In 100 years, the German Shepherd has put on about 10 kg (like you over the holidays). It has gone from an average of 25 kg to 35 kg. Other than that, no major changes, apart from a lowered hindquarters, giving him a stockier appearance. A good dog that you always want to congratulate, even when he hasn’t done anything special.

The Dachshund
Breeders have managed a feat: shortening this poor dachshund’s legs while lengthening his neck. Well done! Now he looks even more ridiculous than before. We send him all our good wishes and hope he doesn’t suffer too much from his ridiculous dog condition.

The Boxer
The Boxer has lost a bit of ass, but has kept plenty of muscle in the front. He’s been cross-bred so much with other dogs that his physical condition is rotten: he has trouble regulating his body temperature and develops much more cancer than other dogs. Artificial selection is great, isn’t it?

How a century of dog breeding ruined these beautiful animalsGizmodoHow a century of dog breeding ruined these beautiful animals (.gif)

My dog
Left in 1915, right today. The shock. Skippy, little angel gone too soon (even if you did have a tendency to pee too much on your dog).