13 Strict Rules that Dachshund Have established for humans to follow

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and even longer list of demands, are not just dogs—they’re rulers of the household. If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a Dachshund, you’re probably already familiar with their adorable yet strict set of rules. Here are 13 hilarious decrees your wiener dog insists you follow:

Rule 1: The Wiener Wake-up Call

Forget about hitting that snooze button. Your Dachshund believes in an early morning rise, and they expect you to join them. Resistance is futile; the wiener wake-up call is non-negotiable.

Rule 2: The Treat Tax

Any food you consume is subject to the Dachshund tax. Failure to share a portion of your meal will result in intense staring, guilt-inducing whimpers, and maybe a few strategically placed paw taps.

Rule 3: The Lap Conquest

Your lap is not your own—it belongs to the Dachshund. They will conquer it with determination and cuteness, leaving you with no choice but to surrender to the warm and fuzzy dictatorship.

Rule 4: The Sock Inspectors

Socks are contraband items that must be thoroughly inspected. Your Dachshund will perform surprise sock checks, and any unattended socks will be confiscated and paraded around the house with pride.

Rule 5: The Under-the-Covers Clause

Sleeping arrangements are to be determined by the Dachshund. Under the covers, on top of the covers, or sprawled across the bed—your wiener dog will decide, and you shall comply.

Rule 6: The Doorbell Declaration

The doorbell is a declaration of war. Your Dachshund will defend the household against this intrusive noise with a symphony of barks. It is your duty to reassure them that all is well, even if it’s just the mailman.

Rule 7: The Walkie Mandate

Walks are not negotiable; they are mandatory. Your Dachshund will ensure you adhere to a strict walking schedule, rain or shine. Resistance will be met with soulful stares and guilt trips.

Rule 8: The Toy Territory Treaty

All toys within the household are the property of the Dachshund. Attempting to touch or move a toy without express permission may result in a disapproving stare or, in extreme cases, a passive-aggressive display of ignoring you.

Rule 9: The Blanket Burrow

Blankets are meant for burrowing, especially during chilly evenings. Your Dachshund will fashion themselves into a blanket burrito, and any attempts to disrupt this cozy cocoon will be met with resistance.

Rule 10: The Purr-suit of Cat Friendship

Cats are to be pursued relentlessly for the sake of friendship. Your Dachshund will not rest until feline camaraderie is established. Supervised playdates may be necessary.

Rule 11: The Bedside Vigil

Sleeping humans must be monitored closely. Your Dachshund will maintain a bedside vigil, ensuring your safety and standing ready to offer comforting cuddles in case of a nightmare.

Rule 12: The Sofa Sovereignty

The sofa is a sacred space reserved for the Dachshund monarchy. Attempts to reclaim the sofa for human use will be met with stern looks and perhaps a strategically placed paw to dissuade such notions.

Rule 13: The Treat-Time Tradition

Treat time is not to be forgotten or delayed. Your Dachshund will remind you, with unwavering persistence, that treat time is a sacred daily ritual that must be upheld.


In the world of Dachshunds, rules are not just guidelines—they are the law. While these 13 rules may seem demanding, they come from a place of love, humor, and an unwavering belief in the Dachshund’s divine right to rule the household with a wagging tail and a charming bark. Embrace the quirks, follow the rules, and revel in the delightful dictatorship of your wiener dog companion. After all, life with a Dachshund is an adventure filled with love, laughter, and a healthy dose of canine governance.