14 Signs You’re a Helicopter Dachshund Parent

Dachshunds are adorable, intelligent, and independent dogs, but sometimes, their owners can’t help but hover over them like helicopters. If you find yourself constantly fussing over your dachshund’s every move, you might just be a helicopter parent. Here are 14 signs to watch out for:

1. You Have a Dachshund Camera Feed

You’ve set up a camera feed to monitor your dachshund’s every move while you’re away, just in case they need you.

2. You Panic at Every Sneeze

The slightest sneeze or cough sends you into a frenzy, convinced that your dachshund is coming down with something serious.

3. You Carry Them Everywhere

Your dachshund has four legs, but you still find yourself carrying them around like a baby, especially when they give you those puppy-dog eyes.

4. You Have a Closet Full of Outfits

Your dachshund’s wardrobe rivals your own, complete with sweaters, jackets, and even matching accessories.

5. You Insist on Organic, Handmade Treats

You only feed your dachshund the finest, organic, handmade treats, because anything less just won’t do.