7 Adorable Signs That Show Your Dachshund Sees You as His Pack Leader

As social animals, Dachshunds naturally form hierarchies within their packs, with a clear leader guiding and protecting the group. Here are seven adorable signs that show your Dachshund sees you as his pack leader:

1. Seeking Your Approval:

  • Your Dachshund looks to you for guidance and approval, often seeking eye contact or waiting for cues from you before engaging in activities or seeking affection.

2. Following Your Lead:

  • Your Dachshund willingly follows your lead during walks, outings, or training sessions, demonstrating trust in your decisions and confidence in your ability to navigate their environment.

3. Deferring to Your Authority:

  • Your Dachshund defers to your authority in social situations, deferring to your judgment and seeking reassurance or protection when encountering unfamiliar people or animals.

4. Displaying Submissive Behaviors:

  • Your Dachshund displays submissive behaviors such as rolling over onto their back, licking your hand or face, or lowering their head in acknowledgment of your leadership role within the pack.

5. Offering Respectful Greetings:

  • Your Dachshund greets you respectfully by approaching with a relaxed body posture, wagging tail, and lowered head, signaling deference and respect for your position as pack leader.

6. Obeying Commands Promptly:

  • Your Dachshund responds promptly to your commands and cues, demonstrating obedience and respect for your authority as their leader within the pack.

7. Seeking Comfort and Security:

  • Your Dachshund seeks comfort and security in your presence, often cuddling up to you or seeking physical contact when feeling anxious or uncertain, trusting you to provide protection and reassurance.

These adorable signs demonstrate your Dachshund’s recognition of your leadership role within the pack and their trust and confidence in your ability to provide guidance, protection, and support. By nurturing this bond and reinforcing your role as their pack leader through positive reinforcement, consistency, and love, you can strengthen the bond of trust and respect between you and your beloved Dachshund companion.