The origins of Yorkshire

The Yorkshire is a little dog that comes to us from England, from a county bearing the same name as this little dog. During the Industrial Revolution, he became a rat hunter in the mines, then a poacher and finally the favorite dog of noble ladies.

Scottish workers who migrated to England brought their dogs with them, which ended up mating with those of the county. The small terrier posed many problems for poachers. They often abandoned them in the burrows, unable to catch them because their hair was too short. Let’s not forget that poaching was forbidden in those days, and in the event of escape, the dog stayed put.

origin of the Yorkshire
Who is the Yorkshire
The Yorkshire is a cross between the long-haired Maltese and the short-haired Terrier. This new breed will retain the characteristics of the Terrier and the pleasing appearance of the Maltese. Not content with being an excellent worker, this little dog became famous thanks to dog shows, notably the one in Birmingham in 1860. Its success was dazzling. It wasn’t until 1898, with the creation of the Yorkshire Club, that the Yorkshire was recognized as a breed in its own right.

No one could agree on the ancestors of the Yorkshire. Yet, no matter how many crosses were made, the end result would be the Yorkshire Terrier, a dog as tough as its ancestor and not afraid to take on bigger than it was.

They soon became fashionable dogs thanks to their size and elegance. Numerous crosses between breeds diminished the basic physique of the original Yorkshire, but their coat remained the same and definable to the breed. What a fine career this little dog has had. It makes an excellent companion and is always a great success. Many competitions reward this breed of dog, and the French adore them. This affectionate, lively little dog has many years ahead of him.

How to recognize a Yorkshire
The Yorkshire can be recognized by its long, silky, soft hair. Colors range from black to brown with blue streaks. It falls over the eyes and should be tied back to avoid eye problems, but also to look pretty. Everything about the Yorkshire is small and cute. His head is flat, with a long muzzle and black nose. His ears are straight, pointed and covered with short hair. His eyes are black, sparkling with energy and intelligence. His tail is also short and hairy.

Yorkshire dogs are also known for their cheerful disposition, their strong attachment to their master and their incredible stubbornness. He loves having people around him, as much as his own comfort. They are gourmet eaters, and may sulk at food they don’t like. An excellent companion for the elderly, he keeps them in good shape thanks to daily outings. Yorkies need to be trained with firmness and patience, using the famous “iron fist in a velvet glove” approach.