Is CBD Oil Good for Dogs with Anxiety Disorders?

There are a lot of things that we still have to reveal about our four-legged, drooling and barking friends. It seems that we are constantly learning new things about these animals, even though we have known them for a while. Every single dog is a story for itself. They may have some similarities, but they all have their own unique characters. That’s probably why they keep amazing us day after day.

Their characters, however, are not the only thing that amazes us. Science has its way of doing that too. For example, the revelation that a compound found in cannabis can be highly beneficial for these animals has come as a huge surprise. This piece of information has quickly been widely accepted, though, because people have recognized the truthfulness behind all the claims made about CBD oil and its positive effects.

Among other things, the Cannabidiol found in the holistapet CBD oil for dogs or in the oils made by different manufacturers is claimed to have a rather positive impact on anxiety disorders. Before we answer the question of whether this product is actually any good for dogs with anxiety disorders, we will have to dig a bit deeper into those disorders themselves. Most people aren’t even aware of the fact that their canines can suffer from anxiety and it’s time to make that clear once and for all.

Anxiety Disorders In Dogs

It is perfectly normal for your dog to react with a certain amount of apprehension to unknown situations. If the animal is wary of people and other animals it has never seen before, that’s not a sign that you should worry. Dogs are cautious and distrustful in nature towards unknown people and other animals, which is actually a good thing. That apprehension is there to help them survive in any situation.

Some canines, however, may exhibit signs of aggressive, fearful and apprehensive behavior in situations that don’t call for that. This becomes a problem both for the pet and the owner. It’s really difficult to watch your dog get worried and anxious for every little thing that shouldn’t cause such a reaction. It’s also difficult to deal with the consequences of their anxious behavior.

Instead of simply making peace with it and learning to live with their behavior, you should find a way to help the animal. No matter how unpleasant their behavior might be for you, you need to understand that it is much more unpleasant for them. Ignoring the issue will leave great consequences on their health and I am sure that you don’t want them to develop more health issues.

In order to be able to find a way to help your canine, you first need to understand that there are a lot of different types of anxiety disorders, generally classified in three categories. Those are separation anxiety, social anxiety and noise anxiety. While the names all speak for themselves, let me quickly explain these different types.

Separation anxiety is probably one of the most common types. As you might have guessed, this is when your dog gets nervous and upset whenever you leave it alone. This is a lot more serious than noticing that your pet is chewing your shoes or sleeping in your bed when you aren’t there. This issue causes much more troubles and you can click this to understand the signs and learn to recognize them.

Noise anxiety, as the name says it, is when your canine gets scared by every little noise they hear. I’m not talking fireworks. It may start with that, but it gets more serious over time. Dogs suffering from social anxiety have troubles making new friends both from the animal and the human world. They might seem shy at first, but the shyness can very well turn into aggression, because they will feel threatened by everyone but their owner.

The Role Of CBD Oil

Now that you have understood the different types of this disorder, it’s time to get back to our question regarding CBD oil. Is this product really able to treat anxiety disorders in our dogs, or is it just a marketing trick? Should you trust those manufacturers who claim that their CBD oil gives you the opportunity to ease your pup’s anxiety and help it get along better with other people and animals, as well as stay calm when you are out for a couple of hours?

There is one thing that all of the types of this disorder have in common and it is actually the key towards proper treatment. No matter the type, the canine is always under a lot of stress and in fear in situations that don’t require such reactions. They see danger where there isn’t any. What you need to do is calm them down and help them understand that there is no reason for being so worried and scared.

Together with certain trainings that you need to undergo with your dog in order to teach them to recognize when they are really in danger and when they are perfectly safe, you can use CBD oil in order to ease the fear and the worry and make the pup more relaxed. When they start feeling safe and relaxed, they definitely won’t throw any tantrums whatsoever and they will be a much better company. Safety is the crucial part of the treatment process.

By interacting with cannabinoid receptors in your dog’s brain and central nervous system, CBD oil will help the canine assess the situation better and stop thinking that some kind of danger is lurking behind every corner. This product will help them feel perfectly at ease and be relaxed in situations that would have previously caused a lot of fear, anger and hostile behavior. That’s a huge step forward.

As I have already said, you should use this product in combination with certain training sessions with your dog. By combining those two things, you will be able to manage and control their anxiety in the perfect manner. That will make both the owner and the dog much happier.