How to groom a Yorkshire Terrier

Grooming a dog requires the expertise of a professional groomer, especially for dogs like Yorkshires. However, in addition to the inconvenience of having to travel, this can be a very expensive process. Fortunately, it’s perfectly possible to do it yourself. In this article, you’ll find tips on how to trim your Yorkshire Terrier’s coat properly.

In general, you have a choice of three cuts for your Yorkshire Terrier. You can give him a hygienic cut. This should be done every 2 to 3 weeks. This type of trim is especially necessary for hygiene. Among other things, you’ll need to trim the claws, the hair on the legs between the pads, under the tail, in the groin, in the armpits, as well as the hair on the tips of the ears and near the eyes.

In addition to hygienic trimming, you can also opt for pattern trimming. This gives you more latitude as to the shape you want to adopt. You still need to make the hygienic cut.

Finally, you can opt for a standard cut if you’re taking your Yorkie to a competition. It’s advisable to take your dog to a professional in this case.

Yorkshire Terrier grooming
The first thing you need is a table. Indeed, professionals often use a special table where the dog is strapped down so that it doesn’t move during trimming. But if your dog is calm by nature, you can use an ordinary table.

Use a hairdressing scissor to cut your dog’s hair. There are several types available for the different areas to be treated: straight and curved ones for the body, long ones for the legs and muzzle, and small models with rounded ends for delicate areas. Clippers are also useful for treating sensitive areas such as the armpits and groin area.

Like any good groomer, you also need combs. Choose a metal model with long teeth.

Finally, remember to get a rubberized mat on which to lay your dog so that he doesn’t slip.

The basic principles of trimming a Yorkshire terrier are cleanliness and symmetry. It’s best to start with hygienic trimming.

During the whole procedure, it’s advisable to dress in cotton clothes. Also remember to secure your dog so that it doesn’t fall off.

Before the actual trimming, be sure to wash your Yorkshire terrier thoroughly. Washing your Yorkshire terrier will prevent your dog clippers (if you’re using one) from being damaged by obstructions caused by the hair. Remember also to carefully untangle any tangles with a comb.

Once your dog has been washed and dried, proceed with trimming, starting with the ears, legs and tail. Then move on to the delicate areas: armpits, groin and neck. Finish with the belly, back and head. It’s important to finish with the head.

Once you’ve finished trimming, wash your dog again to remove the hair.