Having fun with your Yorkshire terrier: our tips

Playing is one of the most popular physical activities for Yorkie terriers. Not only does it keep them in good physical shape, it also strengthens the master/dog bond. However, certain precautions must be taken during play to ensure your yorkie doesn’t injure itself. In particular, avoid jumping too high. So what kind of play activities does your Yorkie enjoy?

You don’t need to enter your Yorkie in a dog show to give him the benefits of agility movements. However, you should be wary of heights when your puppy is still very young. To get the most out of agility, you can build a homemade course.

You can teach your dog to jump through a hoop. Simply hold a hoop at an appropriate height. Or guide your Yorkie through an obstacle course. At the end of the course, you can offer him a treat as a reward, accompanied by enthusiastic words of praise.

You may have attended professional dog Frisbee throwing events. In these events, large-breed dogs jump high into the air to catch a Frisbee. You can also entertain your yorkie in the same way. In this case, you can buy a “baby” Frisbee.

Teaching your Yorkie to chase and catch it in the air can be great fun for both of you. It’s also a great way for your dog to get some physical exercise. You can also train your Yorkie to drop the Frisbee on command. To do this, hold up a small treat and offer it in exchange for the disc. You can use commands like “give” to get him to offer you the Frisbee. Once he’s carried out your command, reward him with the treat and praise.

Ask your Yorkie to sit down while you hide treats around the house. Be sure to choose small treats that are easy to hide. Hide them in various places: under the cushion, behind a shoe, on the landing of the stairs… Then give your dog the command “Cherche!” to start looking for treats all over the house.

Safety is paramount when it comes to playing with your Yorkie terrier. That’s why you need to take certain precautions.

When out and about with your Yorkie, use a harness, not a collar. Harnesses are better suited to smaller dogs like Yorkies. Yorkies have a trachea that can collapse on contact with a collar. This can cause severe pain and breathing difficulties. The pressure exerted by a collar when wearing a leash should be avoided. Indeed, if you pull a little too hard on the leash, the cartilaginous rings of your dog’s trachea may not withstand the force exerted and collapse.