8 Signs Your Yorkie Is Super Connected to You

The bond between a Yorkshire Terrier (Yorkie) and their owner is a unique and heartwarming connection. These pint-sized companions have a way of worming their way into our hearts, becoming not just pets but cherished family members. In this article, we’ll explore the endearing signs that your Yorkie is more than just a furry friend—they are super connected to you.

Velcro Pup Phenomenon: Witnessing your Yorkie sticking to you like glue is a clear indication of a deep connection. Known as the “Velcro Pup” phenomenon, your furry friend becomes your constant companion, ensuring they are by your side no matter where you go in the house.

Morning Rituals of Affection: Start your day with the infectious joy of your Yorkie’s morning routine. Whether it’s a flurry of excited tail wags, gentle morning kisses, or a happy dance, their morning rituals are a heartwarming expression of sheer happiness at the prospect of a new day with you.

Expressive Eye Contact: The eyes are often considered windows to the soul, and with Yorkies, it’s no different. Super-connected Yorkies maintain expressive eye contact, conveying a range of emotions from love and contentment to curiosity and undivided attention.