8 Signs Your Dachshund Is Super Connected to You

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and larger-than-life personalities, forge deep connections with their owners that go beyond the typical human-pet relationship. If you’re a proud Dachshund parent, you’ve likely experienced the unique bond that forms between you and your lovable wiener dog. In this article, we’ll explore eight unmistakable signs that your Dachshund is not just a pet but is super connected to you on a profound level.

Velcro Dog Tendencies: If your Dachshund is a master of the “Velcro dog” routine, sticking to you like glue wherever you go, it’s a clear sign of a super-connected bond. Your wiener dog isn’t just a companion; they’re your loyal sidekick, always eager to be by your side.

Morning Greetings of Joy: Start your day with a burst of joy as your Dachshund showers you with affectionate morning greetings. Whether it’s tail wags, excited barks, or a full-body wiggle, their enthusiasm expresses sheer happiness at the prospect of another day with you.

Expressive Eyes and Soulful Stares: Dachshunds are known for their expressive eyes, and when your wiener dog looks at you with soulful stares, it’s more than a simple gaze. It’s a heartfelt communication, conveying love, trust, and a deep connection that transcends words.

Cuddling Experts: Dachshunds are experts at cuddling, and when your wiener dog seeks out the coziest nooks to snuggle into, it’s a clear indication of their desire for physical closeness and affection. Your Dachshund isn’t just sharing a space; they’re sharing a warm and loving moment with you.

Protective Pooch Behavior: Despite their small size, Dachshunds have a protective instinct that extends to their owners. If your wiener dog exhibits vigilant behavior, whether it’s barking at perceived threats or keeping a watchful eye on your surroundings, it’s a sign of their commitment to your safety.

Playtime Enthusiasm: Engaging in playtime with your Dachshund isn’t just a recreational activity; it’s a bonding experience. If your wiener dog displays boundless enthusiasm during play, it’s a joyful expression of their connection with you, making every game a special shared moment.

Selective Listening Skills: Dachshunds are excellent at selective listening, and amidst the noise of daily life, they tune in specifically to the sound of your voice. Their responsiveness to your calls and commands showcases their deep connection and attentiveness to you.

Comfort-Seeking Behaviors: When your Dachshund seeks comfort in your presence, whether it’s leaning against you, resting their head on your lap, or snuggling close, it’s a clear indication of their reliance on your companionship for security and well-being.


In the world of Dachshunds, the signs of a super-connected bond are as heartwarming as they are unmistakable. From morning rituals to protective instincts and cuddling expertise, these eight signs reflect the deep and enduring connection shared between you and your beloved wiener dog. As you navigate life together, treasure these moments of canine companionship, for in the eyes of your super-connected Dachshund, you’re not just an owner—you’re family.