7 Amazing Signs That Show Your Dachshund Has You Trained

Dachshunds are clever and independent dogs known for their strong personalities. While they may be small in size, they have a knack for training their owners to cater to their every need. Here are seven amazing signs that show your Dachshund has you trained:

1. The “Puppy Eyes” Technique:

  • Your Dachshund has mastered the art of giving you irresistible puppy-dog eyes whenever they want something, whether it’s a treat, a walk, or a belly rub. You find it nearly impossible to resist their adorable gaze.

2. Pawing for Attention:

  • Whenever your Dachshund wants attention or affection, they gently paw at your leg or arm until you give in and shower them with love. They know just how to tug at your heartstrings to get what they want.

3. The Power of Persistence:

  • Your Dachshund never gives up when they have their sights set on something. Whether it’s begging for scraps at the dinner table or demanding to go for a walk, they will persistently pester you until you cave in to their wishes.

4. Selective Listening:

  • Your Dachshund has perfected the art of selective listening, conveniently ignoring your commands when it suits them. They know exactly how to tune you out when they’re focused on something more interesting, like chasing a squirrel or investigating a new scent.

5. Strategic Positioning:

  • Your Dachshund has a knack for strategically positioning themselves in your path to ensure they get maximum attention and affection. Whether it’s lying down in the middle of the hallway or blocking your path to the couch, they always manage to be right where you can’t ignore them.

6. Pavlovian Responses:

  • Your Dachshund has conditioned you to respond to certain cues, such as the sound of their food bowl being filled or the jingle of their leash. You find yourself automatically springing into action whenever you hear these familiar sounds, eager to fulfill their needs.

7. Dictating the Daily Routine:

  • Your Dachshund has established their own schedule and expects you to adhere to it without question. Whether it’s meal times, nap times, or play times, they make it clear when they expect your undivided attention and won’t take no for an answer.

Despite their small stature, Dachshunds have a larger-than-life presence and an uncanny ability to train their owners to cater to their every whim. While it may seem like they have you wrapped around their little paw, the love and companionship they provide make it all worthwhile. After all, who could resist those soulful eyes and wagging tail?