7 Adorable Signs That Show Your Dachshund Sees You as His Pack Leader

Your Dog Breaks Eye Contact With You First

It is said by CANIDAE that dogs use eye contact to intimidate each other in the wild. However, you might have noticed your dog breaks eye contact first.That is a way your dog is saying *sorry* for whatever problem that could have been caused.

Your Dog  Doesn’t Steal Food From You

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In the wild getting food is very important. It makes the difference between living and dying.

It has been said by CANIDAE that a respectful dog will not steal food from you and understands that it is your right to eat first. However, your dog can steal food from others but not from you, or steal food from the kitchen when you are not in the house.

Your dog Is Calm And Quiet During Stressful Moments

One of the most important things about being the pack leader is that your dog trusts you to take care of her and do your job well.

This means she won’t whine or squirm too much when you’re doing things like giving them medicine. Well… something is hard to do it.

Being the alpha dog is a big and wonderful responsibility, so show your dog every day the love and respect you feel for him or her and never forget at home there is is a loyal friend waiting for you.