10 Signs Your Dachshund is Taking Over the House

1. Prime Real Estate Occupation

Your Dachshund has staked claim to specific areas of the house, such as the coziest chair or the sunniest window spot, effectively marking their territory.

2. Toy Invasion

An abundance of toys, from squeaky plushies to chewed-up bones, is strewn about the house, showcasing your Dachshund’s ownership of every nook and cranny.

3. Neighborhood Watch Duty

Your Dachshund diligently barks at every passerby, whether human or animal, establishing themselves as the vigilant guardian of the household.

4. Bedtime Takeover

Despite having their own bed, your Dachshund insists on snuggling up with you, claiming their rightful place as your nighttime cuddle companion.

5. Treat Tyrant

With masterful puppy-dog eyes, your Dachshund manipulates you into providing treats on demand, solidifying their authority over the snack supply.

6. Command Disregard

Attempts to assert authority with basic commands are met with stubborn resistance, as your Dachshund believes obedience is negotiable.

7. Mealtime Dictatorship

Your Dachshund demands meals on their schedule, often resorting to persistent barking or pawing at their bowl to ensure prompt service.

8. Attention Hijacking

Your Dachshund effortlessly steals the spotlight with their adorable antics, diverting attention away from other household members.

9. Intruder Pursuit

Any unsuspecting intruders, whether real or imagined, are swiftly chased down and apprehended by your Dachshund, reaffirming their status as the ultimate protector.

10. Departure Dismay

When you leave the house, your Dachshund displays signs of displeasure or engages in guilt-inducing behaviors, asserting their dominance over your affections and attention.

While these signs may indicate your Dachshund’s attempts to establish dominance, consistent training and clear boundaries can help maintain a harmonious relationship between you and your furry friend. By understanding and addressing these behaviors, you can ensure a happy coexistence where both you and your Dachshund feel at home.