Study Proves That Your Dachshund Really Is Deliberately Manipulating You

Dachshunds, with their long bodies and soulful eyes, have a knack for getting what they want. If you’ve ever felt like your Dachshund is a master manipulator, you might be onto something. Recent studies suggest that these clever canines are intentionally manipulating their human companions. In this article, we’ll explore the fascinating findings that support the idea that your Dachshund is a deliberate and strategic manipulator.

  1. The Puppy Dog Eyes Phenomenon: Dachshunds are notorious for their irresistible puppy dog eyes. Researchers have discovered that the specific muscle movements behind these soulful gazes are not purely accidental but rather a calculated effort to trigger a nurturing response from their human counterparts.
  2. Selective Hearing at Its Finest: If you’ve ever called your Dachshund only to have them conveniently ignore you, you’re not alone. Studies show that Dachshunds have selective hearing, choosing to respond only when it suits their interests. This strategic behavior suggests a deliberate attempt to control the interaction.
  3. Strategic Whining for Attention: Whining is a common behavior in Dachshunds, and research indicates that they use this vocalization strategically. When your Dachshund whines, it may not be a sign of distress but rather a calculated attempt to evoke sympathy and attention, especially when they desire extra cuddles or treats.
  4. Mastering the Art of Emotional Blackmail: Dachshunds have an uncanny ability to sense human emotions. Studies suggest that they use this skill to engage in emotional blackmail, adjusting their behavior based on the mood of their owners. Whether it’s offering comfort during a tough day or charming their way into extra playtime, Dachshunds are adept at tugging at heartstrings.
  5. Strategic Paw Placement: Ever notice your Dachshund placing a paw on your leg or nudging you with their nose? These subtle yet intentional actions are part of their manipulative toolkit. Researchers propose that such physical contact is a deliberate means of establishing a connection and garnering attention.
  6. Timing Is Everything: Dachshunds exhibit a remarkable sense of timing when it comes to manipulation. Whether it’s the perfectly timed head tilt or a well-placed wag of the tail, studies suggest that these actions are not random but rather carefully orchestrated to achieve a desired response from their human companions.
  7. Utilizing Body Language to Convey Desires: Researchers have observed that Dachshunds use their body language with purpose. From turning on the charm with a joyful dance to slinking away when guilty, these expressive gestures are a form of communication designed to manipulate human behavior and meet their own needs.
  8. Strategic Ignoring to Gain Control: Dachshunds are experts at the art of strategic ignoring. If they sense that you want their attention, they may purposefully look away or pretend disinterest. This behavior is a power play, allowing them to assert control over the interaction and get what they want on their terms.
  9. Using Playfulness as a Manipulative Tool: The playful antics of Dachshunds are not merely for entertainment; they are a deliberate means of manipulation. Studies indicate that their boundless energy and playful behavior are tactics employed to distract, engage, and ultimately shape the environment to their liking.

Conclusion: While the idea of being manipulated by your Dachshund may sound mischievous, it’s important to remember that these behaviors are driven by a desire for connection, attention, and, of course, the occasional treat. Understanding the intentional nature of their actions can deepen the bond between you and your Dachshund, making the relationship even more enriching and enjoyable.