What is a Yorkshire: how to recognize it?

The Yorkshire, also known as the Yorkshire terrier, is a small dog. Originating in Great Britain, Yorkshire Terriers have long been used to hunt rats. Thanks to its size, the Yorkshire has the ability to sneak into rodent burrows. A Yorkshire generally weighs between 2 and 3 kg and measures between 15 cm and 25 cm. They are very affectionate, making them ideal pets for humans. However, it is very nervous and has a strong temperament, which sometimes makes it difficult to control. Nevertheless, they are quite docile and very loyal to their master, but dislike strangers and find it difficult to socialize with other animals.

Yorkies are adorable little dogs, playful and very affectionate. However, it can sometimes be stubborn and uncontrollable. He likes to stand up to his master and impose his character. However, it’s important to reframe him and train him well, to make him obedient. For example, if your Yorkshire starts barking for no reason, tell him to be quiet and shout “NO! It’s important to remember that Yorkies are highly intelligent dogs who respond well to training. A well-trained Yorkshire is generally very gentle, affectionate and obedient to its master. Another particularity of the Yorkshire is that it is protective and doesn’t like strangers getting too close to its master. Of course, they are harmless, but they will warn their master of any intruder. The Yorkshire is therefore the ideal companion for people living alone in apartments, as well as for the elderly.

To maintain your Yorkshire in good health, it’s important to :

Take him to the vet: if your Yorkshire was sold to you by a breeder, make sure he has already been to the vet. Insist on receiving your dog’s vaccination record when you buy or adopt him. After that, it’s important to take your little companion to the vet. The vet will give him the necessary vaccinations and examine him thoroughly. It’s also important to take your little Yorkshire directly to the vet in case of any health problems.
Feed him well: to keep your Yorkshire in good health, it’s important to feed him well. You can cook him homemade food at home, or buy him industrial food, such as dog pate or kibble. Make sure you give him the right amount of food, as malnutrition could cause serious health problems for your Yorkshire.
Give him good training: if you’re a new owner, ask a dog trainer for advice, or try to read up on dog training. It’s important that your Yorkshire receives a good education, from an early age. Of course, to train a Yorkshire properly, you need to be firm. However, be sure to offer him dog treats as rewards when he’s obedient.
Regular grooming: Yorkies have long, silky hair that can easily become tangled. To avoid this, it’s important to brush him every day with a fine comb. You should also bathe him every 15 days with a shampoo, then apply conditioner to make his hair shinier and softer. It’s often necessary to trim his hair to prevent it from falling on his eyes.