Tips for creating the perfect walking routine for your dog

Looking for a way to improve your mood, your health and your relationship with your dog? Walk your dog! Walking your dog regularly offers benefits to both dog and owner. A recent study found that pet owners who walked their dogs regularly had a lower overall body mass index (BMI) than those who didn’t, fewer chronic illnesses and less depression. On the other hand, with their busy schedules, most owners don’t always have the time to walk their dogs. Yet it’s essential for your pet’s development. Fortunately, communities like nomador.com make it easy for owners to find a dog-sitter who will take care of your dog. But ideally, you should do it yourself. Wondering how to create the perfect routine for walking your dog? Here are a few tips!

Choose a time that suits your schedule
There’s definitely something special about dogs. They’re inherently active animals. Dogs give owners something to strive for. Dogs need to be walked and owners need exercise.

So, to enable you to share this special moment between you and your dog, it’s important to choose a time that suits you. Morning, noon or evening, your dog will be there when you are available. It’s important to choose a time slot you can stick to with some regularity, otherwise it’s hard to make it a permanent habit.

Invest in the right equipment
Walking is one of those activities that doesn’t require a lot of expensive equipment, but you do want to make sure that you and your dog are comfortable. It’s important to have a pair of supportive shoes and a well-fitting collar with ID tags for your dog.

And if you want to make your walk more enjoyable, it’s highly advisable to invest in a harness. And don’t forget a durable leash.

Choosing the right spot
It could be right outside your front door or on the street, but if you don’t live in a neighborhood with sidewalks or if you live in an area with lots of noisy traffic, it would be best to consider a quieter location. You want the experience to be pleasant for both you and your dog, so ideally you should opt for a quiet park or a much quieter spot in your area.

It’s easy to turn such a walk into a mutually beneficial experience. With just a few minor considerations, you can put your walking routine into action right away. As far as the choice of location is concerned, you can also change your itinerary and go to a completely new place on weekends. You can take your car and take your dog to a place where you’ll feel well away from the crowds. However, if you really can’t arrange to go for such a walk, it’s advisable to entrust your dog to a trusted person who will treat your pet as you would.