Science Confirms Yorkie Owners Are Happier Than People Without Yorkies

For centuries, dogs have been described as man’s best friend. This moniker resonates with anyone who owns a dog or has ever been greeted by a happy dog at the end of a long day. But do dogs genuinely make us happier? According to science, the answer is an overwhelming “yes.”
Evidence Showing That Owning a Dog Is Good for You

1) Puppy Love is Real Love—Thanks to Oxytocin
Ever wonder why you feel so great around your dog? That’s oxytocin at work. Think of it as nature’s own ‘feel-good’ hormone. New moms get a spike in oxytocin levels to bond with their babies, and guess what? The same thing happens when you hang out with your dog.
A study in “Frontiers in Psychology” showed that oxytocin spikes in humans and dogs when they interact. This isn’t just affection—it’s science-backed happiness.

2) Stress: Fido To The Rescue
We all have those days when stress levels are through the roof. Enter Fido, your furry stress-buster. Researchers from Washington State University found that just 10 minutes of petting a dog can dramatically lower your cortisol levels—that’s the stress hormone.