Science Confirms It: Yes Your Dachshund Should Sleep in Your Bed

It’s eleven o’clock at night. Do you know where your dog is? If you are anything like the group surveyed by the American Kennel Club, your dog is most likely snuggled into your bed. A survey conducted by the AKC  found that 45% of people with dogs allow their pup to sleep in their bed. If more than 60 million US households have a dog at home, that’s a lot of fur on the covers! There’s no need to be embarrassed by this sleeping arrangement. Not only is it common, but there are scientific reasons to sleep with your pup.

What Science Says:

Have you seen therapy dogs walking around the airport? Some US airports like Denver International have a squad of animals roaming the terminals. Why? To help soothe frazzled travelers, of course. Research shows that therapy dogs help reduce anxiety. If dogs can help travelers keep their cool, why couldn’t they help ease tension before you go to bed? Well, your canine pal can absolutely make you feel more at ease at night. Here are three other reasons science says dogs should sleep in your bed.

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