How Do Yorkies Show Affection? (15 Ways Yorkies Are Affectionate)

They may be small in stature, but Yorkshire Terriers are giant hearts wrapped in a furry package. If you’re lucky enough to share your life with a Yorkie, you’ve likely witnessed their affectionate nature. In this article, we’ll explore 15 heartwarming ways these pint-sized pups express their love.

Section 1: Tail Wagging Extravaganza

One of the most classic signs of Yorkie affection is the joyful tail wag. Whether it’s a gentle wag or a full-blown wiggle, your Yorkie’s tail is a telltale sign of their happiness to be with you.

Section 2: Sweet Puppy Kisses

Yorkies are known for their love of giving kisses. If your Yorkie is showering you with little licks, consider it a canine declaration of love. It’s their way of saying, “You’re my favorite human!”

Section 3: The Cuddling Connoisseurs

Yorkies are experts in the art of cuddling. If your furball loves to snuggle up beside you on the couch or curl into the crook of your arm, they’re expressing their deep affection and trust.

Section 4: Lap Dog Extraordinaire

Yorkies have a knack for becoming expert lap warmers. If your Yorkie seeks out your lap whenever you sit down, they’re not just looking for a comfortable spot—they’re seeking proximity and connection.

Section 5: Eager Greetings

The exuberant welcome your Yorkie gives you when you return home is a display of pure affection. The excited barks, tail wags, and jumping up and down are their way of saying, “I missed you, and I’m thrilled you’re back!”

Section 6: Soulful Stares

When your Yorkie looks deep into your eyes, they’re not just being cute; they’re expressing a genuine emotional connection. Those soulful stares are their way of communicating love and loyalty.

Section 7: Playful Shenanigans

Yorkies are playful by nature, and engaging in games and playtime is their way of bonding with you. Whether it’s fetch, tug-of-war, or simply chasing each other around the house, these playful antics strengthen your bond.

Section 8: Purring Pups

Yes, you read that right—some Yorkies are known to make a purring sound when content. This soft, rhythmic noise is akin to a cat’s purr and is a clear sign that your Yorkie is in a state of bliss.

Section 9: The Trust Lean

If your Yorkie leans against you or rests their head on your shoulder, it’s a gesture of trust and affection. This physical closeness is a way for them to feel secure and connected to you.

Section 10: Nudging Nudges

Gentle nudges with their nose are a subtle yet sweet way Yorkies express affection. Whether they’re nudging your hand for attention or giving a little nuzzle, these gestures are their way of seeking closeness.

Section 11: The Happy Dance

A joyful, bouncy dance is another playful expression of love. If your Yorkie does a little jig when they’re excited, it’s their way of celebrating the joy of being around you.

Section 12: Bedtime Buddies

If your Yorkie loves to share the bed with you, consider it a sign of deep affection. Being close during sleep is a powerful bonding experience for them.

Section 13: Protective Pooch

Yorkies can be surprisingly protective. If your pup follows you around or positions themselves between you and potential threats (even if it’s just the mailman), it’s a clear sign of their devotion and protective instincts.

Section 14: Mimicking Moods

Yorkies are attuned to your emotions. If your furry friend seems to mimic your mood, offering comfort when you’re sad or joining in your excitement, it’s a beautiful display of empathy and affection.

Section 15: The Happy Head Tilt

The adorable head tilt is irresistible and, in Yorkies, it’s often a response to your voice or a curious expression. This charming gesture shows their attentiveness and eagerness to understand and connect with you.


In conclusion, Yorkies are affectionate bundles of joy that express their love in myriad ways. Understanding these gestures allows you to deepen the bond with your Yorkie and appreciate the unique and heartwarming ways they convey their affection. Cherish every tail wag, every kiss, and every cuddle, for these are the precious moments that make life with a Yorkie truly special.