How a Loyal Yorkie Helped Save Her Owner’s Life: The Incredible Story of Bella Boo

If you ever wondered why dogs are referred to as man’s best friend, this story will undeniably demonstrate to you that this statement is very true.

Dogs provide us with joy, love and a bond that is very rare, though in some cases, dogs can even save our lives.

That’s exactly what happened to Karena Kirk-Drain from Blackpool when her loyal Yorkshire Terrier Bella Boo sensed something was wrong. One day, Karena noticed that Bella Boo wouldn’t settle down in the usual place she liked to sleep, she also kept trying to jump on Karena’s chest even though Karena would simply push her away.

The Yorkie’s behavior was odd, and Karena initially thought that Bella Boo was just being clingy. However, when she checked the area where Bella Boo was trying to get to, she noticed a lump under her skin. Later it was confirmed by doctors that the lump was unfortunately breast cancer.

Thanks to Bella Boo’s unusual behavior, Karena underwent life-saving treatment, and she believes that the disease would have gone unnoticed if it weren’t for her furry friend’s actions. Bella Boo began acting up on Karena’s late mom’s birthday on October 14, 2013.

She said: “It was my mum’s birthday, which was really bizarre, and she started acting really weird. Bella always slept on the back of my legs, but she kept lying on my chest.”

A few weeks later, Karena thought her dog was unwell when she wouldn’t stop weeping, but the vet confirmed that Bella Boo was a fully healthy Yorkie.

Karena’s dog continued to exhibit strange behavior over the following weeks, and eventually, the little pooch began to cry, leaving Karena worried about her health. Bella Boo then started licking Karena’s chest before becoming even more aggressive.

Karena put two and two together and decided to get her lump checked out just in case.

A nurse at a walk-in center advised Karena to seek immediate assistance from a cancer specialist, and she was later diagnosed with breast cancer. Karena underwent years of life-saving cancer therapy and went on holiday around the world after realizing how lucky she was to get an early diagnosis.

She believes that Bella Boo was sent by her late mom to save her life, and her story serves as a reminder that dogs can sometimes sense health problems that humans can’t. In conclusion, dogs are not just our companions; they can also be our protectors.

Karena’s story shows us that we need to pay attention to our pets’ unusual behavior and seek medical attention when in doubt. Bella Boo’s actions were a reminder that our furry friends are always there for us and can help us in unexpected ways.

This just highlights one of the many reasons I recommend everyone should get a Yorkshire Terrier.

Not only do they offer unconditional love, this case just proves that additionally they have an intelligence that is not fully understood!

Source: Yorkshirepost

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