Do Yorkies Get Jealous? (+How To Prevent It Becoming Dangerous)

We’ve all seen the videos on YouTube.

A cute dog gets adorably jealous over a pet or a human.

It interjects itself between the two, or even gets aggressive, like the video of a pup destroying a stuffed animal that looks like another dog.

Yes, it is cute and fun to watch on video. But it can also be a big problem.

All dog breeds get jealous to some extent, but some much more than others.

Do Yorkies get jealous more than other breeds? And what can you do to curb jealousy in your dog?

Keep reading to learn whether Yorkies get overly jealous and how you should handle it, if it does happen.

Do Yorkies Get Jealous?

Yes, Yorkies get jealous. They are a possessive breed of dog and feel especially possessive of their owners. They can be extremely jealous when it comes to your affection.

Your Yorkie may become jealous of anything that feels threatening to its position in your heart, such as a new family member or a new dog.

That is a big reason you need to carefully consider: is it better to have one Yorkie or two. The answer depends on you and your dog. Some Yorkies do better with a second dog, but others have a very hard time with it.

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