Dachshund Names: 301 Delightful Names For Your Sweet Puppy

Finding the perfect name for a Dachshund is great fun. You can choose something inspired by their German ancestry or their sausage shaped looks. Or get ideas from their passionate personalities and short stature! Today we are going to give you hundreds of different Dachshund names to choose from. And some top tips for picking the perfect one for your puppy.

Top 10 Dachshund Names


Best Dachshund Names

Naming a Dachshund isn’t just like naming any other dog. And the great thing about this iconic breed, is that their special shape opens a door for some pretty unusual ideas. So you’ve got plenty of choice. You can come up with your own creative names by making plays on that classic wiener dog shape. Jot down words that you associate with their long bodies and short legs! See if any of them would be a fun name for Dachshund dog too.

Good Dachshund names don’t have to be sausage shape based, of course. The best Dachshund names can celebrate their cute look, big attitude or amazing coat. Or just your own sense of fun! They can reflect his unique spirit, cool attitude or beautiful coat pattern. We’ve split our list into categories to help you to easily find the kind of name you think would suit your new friend. We have some brilliant choices for male and female Dachshunds. From unique to cool, funny to cute. 

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