Can A Yorkie Have A Kitten? (Are They Good With Cats?)

Yorkies need attention. Lots of it.

If you can’t give you Yorkie the attention it craves, you might want to think about getting it a friend.

Of course a Yorkie friend would be best, but what if you want a different animal.

Like a cat, for instance. Can a Yorkie have a kitten as a friend?

Do cats and Yorkshire terriers get along, or do they just end up fighting all the time?

Obviously, it depends. No two Yorkies and no two cats are alike.

But in general, it’s good news. Keep reading to learn if Yorkies and kittens make a good match, or if if it best to avoid the combination.

Can A Yorkie Have A Kitten?

Most Yorkies can have a kitten and get along well with them. Cats can make wonderful companions for Yorkies. However, Yorkies tend to have a strong hunting instinct. Their personality also differs from that of cats.

That is why you need to socialize your Yorkie with cats from a young age and make the introduction slowly. We will show you exactly how to do that further down below. First let’s examine how well the average Yorkie gets along with cats.

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