According To Science, This Is What It Means When Your Dachshunds Tilt Their Head

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We know our own Dachshunds well, but they can be quite scary in certain situations. There are days when they do things and you don’t know why. We don’t know that dogs behave like dogs. However, have you ever wondered why they actually do these things or behave this way? There we have some specific reasons why your dog does different things like smoking or pulling on the carpet.

eat grass

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You will notice
 that there are some dachshunds who like to eat grass once in a while, even if it makes them vomit. Although it sounds unhealthy, dachshunds often do it to improve their digestion, treat intestinal worms, or meet dietary needs such as lack of fiber.

Hyperactivity after bathing

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Your dachshund after bathing can become a bit messy afterwards. Believe it or not, dachshunds are very happy to be out in the water. They can shiver, rub and run just to dry themselves and get rid of the wetness. From the window in the car

Dachshunds stick their heads out of car windows to get closer to their surroundings and fully immerse themselves in the new environment they see and feel.


There’s a lot of sex going on there.
 Dachshunds jump into things, other animals, or even their owners because they are trying to control that thing. They know pieces because they are sexually stimulating or trying to impress people. Butt stinks

Humans shake hands…dogs growl. A dachshund sniffing someone else’s head is its own way of saying “Hey, how are you?” Nice to meet you.” That’s how they know you, another dog. Their sense of smell, you know, is 1000 times better than ours. Also, the smell can tell a lot about a person, especially if it comes from a smelly area like fish.

looking at you
Your dachshund is not just
 a peeping weirdo, he needs therapy or just to be loved by his owner. Butt scoot

It may seem strange
 the first time you see it. However, your dog just has a dirty head and is trying to clean it. Chasing their tails

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This behavior can actually be caused by many things, such as your dachshund being in a small space where movement is restricted, being tired, having fleas, not knowing what is its tail if it is a child dog.

turning heads

When your dachshund turns his head, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t understand you or what you’re saying. The reason is that they cannot hear your voice. Experts say that dogs bend their heads to turn their ears up so they can focus on where the sound is.