A Decisive Question: What To Feed Yorkshire Terrier

When at home there is a small pet, the owners have many questions: how to feed a Yorkshire Terrier canine offspring, when to cut it and other related to care for it. Yorkies are small and delicately organized by the digestive system, so deciding which to feed the Yorkshire Terrier is very important. There are two options: food prepared from natural products or dry food. Which is better to decide the host. The opinions of the experts on this question differ.

A bite of dry food

At the moment, the choice of dry food for Yorkshire Terrier, is very extensive. For each age group has its own food, which takes into account the degree of development and training of the dog. In its structure it has all the necessary vitamins and minerals.

When deciding what to feed your Yorkshire Terrier dog that has just been purchased, the best option – to learn the seller, which is fed to the sale and to feed the same. Thus, it is able to significantly reduce stress and not cause stomach problems in the animal. On how seriously the owner’s vision for the problem of what to feed the Yorkshire Terrier, the health and appearance of a dog. Feeds selected individually, taking into account the preferences of the pet. However, following some simple rules, you can simply manage this task:

Mercar moi barato alimentos no paga a pena. In its structure, as a rule, there is a large amount of chemical additives that often cause allergic disorders;
Mellor fed with the same food, and in case of transfer to another to do it gradually;
It uses dry food that follow the advice given by manufacturers and do not forget to take into account the weight of your pet and do not overfeed it;
Consult a veterinarian can help to make the right choice, given the characteristics of your dog.

Ease of use dry food, of course, is your strength. It is convenient and travels. But we must not forget that dry food is still prepared artificially mestura, even with modern technology. It has significant differences from natural products, and no one can guarantee that your pet can benefit from it.

The benefits and dangers of natural products

If the answer to the question: what to feed Yorkshire Terrier? – decided that it is more convenient to use natural products, you need a certain amount of information and some cooking skills. Food from the human table does not fit, and has to be cooked separately. In the menu Yorkies include meat, chicken or turkey. Just once a week camera or sea fish will be included in the diet. Meat and fish must necessarily be subjected to heat treatment.

The menu may include wheat and rice. Dairy products: iogur, cottage cheese, fermented cooked milk, cheese. Especially, they require breeding during growth and tooth change. York can give them corn, corn meal and some other rubs and legumes, but no milk for them is contra-indicated. Also can not make any bones, smoked meat, sausages, salted and fatty foods. When feeding the natural foods to the dog should be given vitamins. Whatever you choose for your pet, it is best to consult a veterinarian.

Some conclusions about Yorkshire feeding

From the correct answer to a simple question: what to feed Yorkshire Terrier? – It depends on how the pet is bouncy and happy, the quality of his skin and general appearance. Feeding a Yorkshire Terrier canine offspring, whose age does not exceed six months, should be done 4 times during the day. Then, the feeding is a three-tempo, and is recommended for feeding adult dogs.

All products should be of high quality and fresh, and the portions should be appropriate to the age and weight of the pet. Excess weight or thinness can cause serious liver and kidney diseases. A spoonful of food should be returned within 15-20 minutes after feeding, but water should be constantly, this is especially important when feeding dry food. It is better to use filtered water.