9 Signs Your Yorkie Is Obsessed With You

Yorkies, with their tiny frames and big personalities, are known for forming strong bonds with their humans. If you’ve ever wondered whether your Yorkie’s affection crosses into obsession, look out for these nine unmistakable signs that your furry friend is utterly and pawsitively obsessed with you.

  1. Velcro Mode Engaged: Yorkies are notorious for being Velcro dogs, but if your pup takes it to the next level by following you from room to room, you’ve entered the realm of obsession. Your constant shadow is a clear indicator that your Yorkie can’t bear to be away from you.
  2. The Intense Stare: If your Yorkie gazes at you with an intensity that seems to pierce through your soul, it’s a sign of adoration and obsession. This unwavering stare is their way of saying, “You are my world, and I can’t get enough of you.”
  3. Sleepy Spooning Sessions: Yorkies love to cuddle, but if your furry friend insists on spooning with you during naptime or bedtime, you’ve hit obsession jackpot. This physical closeness is their way of ensuring they’re as close to you as possible, even in dreamland.
  4. Protective Paw Patrol: Obsessed Yorkies often become the guardians of their human. If your pup positions themselves strategically to keep an eye on you or even places a protective paw on your lap, they’re asserting their dedication to your safety and well-being.
  5. Personal Space Invasion: While Yorkies may be small in stature, their obsession can make them feel larger than life. If your pup has a tendency to invade your personal space, whether it’s sitting on your shoulder or perching on your lap, they’re asserting their need to be the center of your attention.
  6. Selective Listening Skills: If your Yorkie tunes out the world when you speak and hangs on to your every word, it’s a sign of a strong connection and obsession. Your voice is music to their ears, and they don’t want to miss a single note.
  7. Tail Wagging Extravaganza: While tail wagging is a common sign of joy, an obsessed Yorkie takes it to the next level. If your pup’s tail wags with such enthusiasm that their entire body joins the celebration, it’s a clear indication of their overwhelming excitement to be around you.
  8. Zoomies of Joy: Obsessed Yorkies reserve their most exuberant zoomies for the moments when they’re thrilled to see you. If your pup darts around with boundless energy, performing acrobatic maneuvers in your presence, they’re expressing their sheer joy at being with their favorite human.
  9. Serenades of Love: Yorkies have a penchant for vocalizing their emotions, and an obsessed pup may serenade you with an array of adorable sounds. Whether it’s sweet yips, soft whines, or joyful barks, these vocal expressions are their way of declaring their love and devotion.

Conclusion: In the world of Yorkies, obsession is a delightful expression of love and devotion. If your furry friend exhibits these nine signs, consider yourself the center of their universe. Embrace the affection, cherish the moments of obsession, and revel in the joy of being adored by your pawsitively obsessed Yorkie.