9 Signs You Are A Crazy Yorkie Person

Yorkshire Terrier lovers know that their affection for these pint-sized pups can sometimes border on the obsessive—but in the best way possible. If you find yourself nodding along as you read this, congratulations, you might just be a certified Crazy Yorkie Person! Here are nine signs that you’ve fully embraced the delightful madness that comes with being head over paws for Yorkies.

  1. Yorkie Fashionista: Your Yorkie’s wardrobe rivals that of a celebrity. From bows to bandanas, sweaters to booties, your pup has a more extensive collection of fashion items than some humans. And yes, you coordinate your outfits with your Yorkie on a regular basis.
  2. Yorkie Instagram Takeover: Your social media is a Yorkie extravaganza. Your camera roll is filled with more pictures of your furry friend than anything else, and you’ve considered starting a dedicated Instagram account just for your Yorkie’s adorable antics.
  3. Yorkie Lingo Mastery: You speak fluent Yorkie. Borks, yips, zoomies, and sploots are all part of your everyday vocabulary. You’ve even coined personalized nicknames that only you and your Yorkie understand.
  4. Yorkie Art Gallery: Your walls are adorned with Yorkie-themed art. Whether it’s paintings, drawings, or custom portraits, every inch of your living space proudly declares your love for these lovable little canines.
  5. Yorkie Holiday Extravaganza: Holidays aren’t just a time for family; they’re a time for Yorkie-themed decorations, gifts, and outfits. Your Christmas tree has a Yorkie tree topper, and you have a collection of Yorkie-themed Halloween costumes for every year.
  6. Yorkie Meme Connoisseur: You’ve amassed a collection of Yorkie memes that can rival any internet meme page. Your friends know that tagging you in a Yorkie meme is the quickest way to brighten your day.
  7. Yorkie Birthday Bash: Your Yorkie’s birthday is a major event, complete with a dog-friendly cake, party hats, and perhaps even a guest list. You’ve been known to throw a better birthday celebration for your pup than some people do for themselves.
  8. Yorkie GPS Tracker: You’ve seriously considered investing in a GPS tracker for your Yorkie, not because they’re likely to run away, but because you want to know their exact location at all times. Bonus points if the tracker comes with a heart rate monitor.
  9. Yorkie-themed Everything: From your coffee mug to your throw pillows, everything you own has a Yorkie on it. You’ve embraced the Yorkie lifestyle to the point where your home is a shrine to these charming little dogs.

Conclusion: Being a Crazy Yorkie Person isn’t just a label; it’s a badge of honor. If these signs resonate with you, wear them proudly and continue showering your Yorkie with the love and adoration they deserve. After all, life is just better when you’re a little bit crazy about your Yorkshire Terrier!