9 Reasons Why Dachshunds Tilt Their Heads

We know our own Dachshunds very well, but they tend to be weird in some situations. There are some days that they do things and we do not know why. We just brush it off as dogs behaving as dogs. However, have you ever wondered why they actually do these things or behave that way?

There we have actually very specific reasons why your dog do weird things like sniff butts or scoot their butts across the carpet.

 Eating Grass

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You’ll realized that there are some Dachshunds that love to eat grass every now and again even though it makes them throw up. In spite that looks unhealthy, Dachshunds usually do this to get a better digestion, treat intestinal worms, or fulfill a nutritional need like a lack of fiber.

Post-Bath Hyperactivity

Your Dachshund after taking a bath can get a bit hyper after it. Dachshunds are so happy to be out of the water, belive it or not. They may shake, rub, and run around just to get dry and rid of the sensation of being wet.

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