7 Adorable Signs That Show Your Yorkie Sees You As His Pack Leader

1. Following You Everywhere

  • Your Yorkie sticks close to you, following your every move around the house. They view you as the leader of the pack and feel safest when they’re by your side.

2. Seeking Your Approval

  • Your Yorkie constantly seeks your approval, whether it’s through eager tail wags, attentive eyes, or eager responses to your commands. They want to please you and gain your affirmation as their leader.

3. Deferring to You in New Situations

  • When faced with unfamiliar or challenging situations, your Yorkie looks to you for guidance and reassurance. They trust your judgment and instinctively defer to your leadership in navigating new experiences.

4. Allowing Handling and Grooming

  • Your Yorkie willingly allows you to handle and groom them without resistance. They understand that you’re taking care of them as their leader and submit to your care without protest.

5. Waiting for Your Permission

  • Before embarking on any activity, such as going for a walk or enjoying a treat, your Yorkie patiently waits for your signal or command. They understand that you’re in charge and respect your authority.

6. Bringing You Gifts

  • Your Yorkie may present you with toys, treats, or other objects as gifts, a behavior rooted in their instinct to provide for the pack leader. It’s their way of showing affection and acknowledging your role as their leader.

7. Displaying Affection and Trust

  • Above all, your Yorkie shows you unwavering affection and trust. They cuddle up to you, shower you with kisses, and look to you for comfort and security, knowing that you’ll always protect and care for them as their beloved pack leader.

These adorable signs demonstrate the deep bond and trust your Yorkie has in you as their pack leader. By nurturing this relationship with love, consistency, and positive reinforcement, you can continue to strengthen your connection with your furry friend and foster a happy and harmonious dynamic within your pack.