21 Things You Should Never Say to a Dachshund Dog Parent

Dachshund enthusiasts understand the unique joys and challenges that come with being a parent to these charming, long-bodied companions. While Dachshunds are known for their spirited personalities, there are certain comments that can strike a nerve with their dedicated owners. In this article, we’ll explore 21 things you should avoid saying to a Dachshund dog parent to ensure a harmonious conversation and a wagging tail.

“Is that a hot dog on legs?” Comparing a Dachshund to a hot dog may be a common joke, but owners might find it overused and not as amusing as you think.

“They’re so stubborn!” Dachshunds have a strong will, but their owners prefer to see it as determination. Refrain from labeling them as stubborn.

“Are they good at catching balls?” Dachshunds have their own agenda, and fetching may not be their top priority. Avoid assuming they conform to typical dog stereotypes.

“Why do they bark so much?” Dachshunds can be vocal, but implying that they bark excessively might not sit well with their owners who appreciate their protective instincts.

“Can they jump on the couch with those short legs?” Dachshunds are surprisingly agile, and their owners take pride in their ability to conquer furniture with their short legs.

“Are they related to Wiener Dogs?” While Dachshunds are sometimes humorously referred to as Wiener Dogs, owners might prefer a more accurate acknowledgment of their breed.

“They’re not the best-looking dogs, are they?” Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and Dachshund parents find their pups irresistibly adorable. Avoid casting doubt on their beloved pet’s charm.

“Are they good with kids?” While Dachshunds can be excellent family dogs, assuming their temperament without considering individual differences may be a touchy subject.

“Why do they dig so much?” Dachshunds have a natural instinct to dig, and their owners understand and accept this behavior. Questioning it might not be well-received.

“Do they get along with other dogs?” Dachshunds, like any other breed, can have varying degrees of sociability. Generalizing might not capture the nuances of their unique personalities.

“Are they always so stubborn about walking on a leash?” Leash training can be a challenge, but Dachshund parents prefer to emphasize their pup’s spirited independence rather than stubbornness.

“Are they prone to back problems?” Dachshunds are known for their long spines, and responsible owners take preventive measures. However, bringing up potential health issues can be sensitive.

“Can they do tricks like other dogs?” Dachshunds are intelligent and trainable, but not all are eager performers. Avoid assuming they should conform to stereotypical expectations.

“They look funny when they run!” Dachshunds have a unique and amusing gait, and their owners love it. Critiquing their running style might not be appreciated.

“Do they need a special diet for their weight?” Dachshunds can be prone to weight gain, and their owners are often diligent about their diet. Implying they may be overweight could be offensive.

“Why are they so protective?” Dachshunds’ protective instincts are cherished by their owners. Avoid making it sound like a negative trait.

“They have such long ears!” While Dachshunds may have distinct ears, commenting on their length might be seen as overly observational.

“Why are they so attached to you?” Dachshunds are known for forming strong bonds with their owners. Instead of questioning their attachment, acknowledge the special connection.

“They look like they’re always cold.” Dachshunds may have a low tolerance for cold, and their owners take measures to keep them warm. Implying they’re always chilly might not be well-received.

“Do they ever get tired?” Dachshunds have bursts of energy but also appreciate their nap times. Assuming they’re always on the go might overlook their laid-back moments.

“Why are they so vocal during playtime?” Dachshunds can be vocal when excited, and their owners find it endearing. Instead of questioning the noise, appreciate their lively spirit.


Being mindful of the comments made to Dachshund dog parents fosters positive conversations and ensures a paw-sitive experience for everyone involved. Remember, Dachshund enthusiasts adore their unique companions, and acknowledging their quirks with respect and curiosity will make for delightful interactions.