15 Signs You’re A Crazy Yorkie Person… and Proud To Be!

Being a dog lover is one thing, but when it comes to Yorkies, some people take their love and devotion to a whole new level. If you find yourself nodding along to these signs, congratulations—you’re a certified Crazy Yorkie Person, and you wear that title with pride! From the adorable antics to the unwavering loyalty of these pint-sized companions, here are 15 signs that you’re completely and unabashedly crazy about your Yorkie.

Your Camera Roll is 90% Yorkie: Scrolling through your photos feels like a virtual tour of your Yorkie’s life. From sleepy snuggles to playtime shenanigans, every adorable moment is meticulously captured and cherished.

You Plan Your Schedule Around Yorkie Time: Your day revolves around your Yorkie’s needs. Walks, meals, and playtime are non-negotiable, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

Yorkie Wardrobe Envy: Your Yorkie has a more extensive wardrobe than you do. From stylish sweaters to trendy accessories, you take pleasure in dressing your fur baby in the latest canine fashions.

Social Media Star: Your Yorkie has a dedicated Instagram or Facebook account, and you eagerly await likes and comments on each post. Bonus points if your friends can identify your Yorkie’s distinct personality through their online presence.

Canine Conversations: You hold full-blown conversations with your Yorkie, complete with different voices for each of you. And you’re convinced they understand every word.

Yorkie-Themed Home Decor: Yorkie throw pillows, wall art, and even a Yorkie-shaped welcome mat—your home is a testament to your love for these little bundles of fur.

Yorkie Birthday Extravaganza: Your Yorkie’s birthday is a major event, complete with a dog-friendly cake, a party hat, and, of course, a photo shoot to capture the momentous occasion.

Professional Grooming is Non-Negotiable: Your Yorkie has a standing appointment at the groomers, and you wouldn’t dream of compromising on their signature look. A well-coiffed Yorkie is a happy Yorkie, after all.

Yorkie-Themed Accessories: From keychains and phone cases to socks and earrings, your personal style is a tribute to your Yorkie obsession.

Unconditional Love, Yorkie Style: Your Yorkie has the power to melt your heart with a single glance, and you wouldn’t have it any other way. Their unwavering loyalty and affection make every crazy moment worthwhile.

You Speak Yorkie: You’ve mastered the art of deciphering your Yorkie’s various barks, whines, and yips. You can tell the difference between a “I want attention” bark and a “I need to go out” bark with uncanny accuracy.

Playdate Priorities: Your social calendar revolves around playdates with other Yorkie owners. You know that nothing compares to the joy of watching a group of Yorkies frolicking together.

Yorkie-themed Gifts Galore: Gifts from friends and family are often Yorkie-themed. They know that anything related to your favorite breed is a surefire way to make you smile.

Yorkie Health Guru: You’ve researched and implemented the best diet, exercise routine, and healthcare practices for your Yorkie. Their well-being is your top priority, and you’re proud of the healthy, happy pup you’ve raised.

Yorkie Bed-Sharing Tradition: Your Yorkie doesn’t just sleep in your bed; they have their designated spot and pillow. Sharing the bed is not negotiable, and you happily sacrifice space for the sake of a good night’s snuggle.

Conclusion: Being a Crazy Yorkie Person is more than a title—it’s a badge of honor. The joy, laughter, and love that Yorkies bring into our lives are immeasurable, and being proud of your undeniable Yorkie obsession is simply a reflection of the incredible bond you share with these charming little companions. Embrace the craziness, celebrate the quirks, and revel in the delightful world of being a proud Crazy Yorkie Person!