15 Cutest Dachshund Mix Dog Breeds

Mixing dog breeds are very common nowadays. The result is usually a good one because they also study the possible appearance and personalities of these mixed dog breeds.

Here, you will be familiarized with some cutest Dachshund mix dog breeds. They are an all-good choice. However, the best suited for you will also depend on your personality and lifestyle.

Study the characteristics and personalities of these various mixed dog breed to decide what is best suited for you and your family.


This dog breed is a mix of Dachshund and Beagle. Its body looks like a beagle. This dog breed is an adorable type of family watchdog.

Although Doxlescan tolerates warm and cold weather, they still prefer to live in a warmer place than those with cold ones. They are active watchdogs and loves to play and do some daily routines and exercises. 


Dorkies are a combination of Yorkshire Terrier and a Dachshund. Generally, they are smart to mix dog breeds. For those suffering from allergies, you are best suited to Dorkies because they are hypoallergenic.

Both the parents of Dorkies are close to their children. They are very affectionate and playful as well. However, it is better to watch out for the initial reaction of Dorkies because the temperament of these dogs can change. 

After cross-breeding, their temperament can be unpredictable, but they are good pets for a family. Still, they are best preferred to live with families where there are only adults and without young children.

Socialization training is a good help for these dogs to adapt to the new environment. Constant and proper training is needed for them to behave well in any situation.


The parents of Chiweenie are the Chihuahua and Dachshund Mix. They usually weigh from 5 to 10 lb only. They are little dogs yet have a big personality.

They are commonly described as “shadow dogs” because they attach themselves to one or two of their owners, and they follow them like shadows.

Chiweenies are happier if they are living with one or two owners. Generally, these dogs require a minimal amount of exercise but more time for cuddles. 

An average of 30 minutes of exercise daily is enough for them. They also love games such as tug of war or fetching on top.

But sad to say that Chiweenies are prone to health issues. Therefore, proper attention and care should be given to them.

Their longer back can have spinal issues, which can lead to Intervertebral Disc Disease. Their short legs can also experience other conditions like Patellar Luxation.

Since Chiweenie is a mixed dog breed, they can have different grooming routines depending on their appearance. For short-haired dogs, they are manageable when it comes to grooming. However, long-haired dogs require more frequent grooming.

Dach Russell

This dog is the result of breeding Jack Russell Terrier and Dachshund Mix. They are often called Jackshund. They are known for their small size, but they have large bark.

They enjoy barking, and they love doing it most of the time. They should be often brought to space where there are fewer neighbors because they create noise due to barking.

They are also playful dogs. Jackshunds are highly adaptable to any environment. However, they enjoy being with children if they properly play with them.

They can live both in the city and countryside. Generally, these dogs are good-natured and affectionate, and they are one of the best choices for every family owner.


This results from breeding Corgi and Dachshund Mix –They are an excellent choice as family dogs because they can easily adjust to children.

They have sassy and sweet personalities. Although they are small and cute, they are not said to be lapdogs. They vary in color.

They come in black, brown, red, chocolate and white. Some may have a combination of two or three colors. Being loyal to their family owners for better or for worst is the best one of all their qualities.

They are also known as active dogs. They need 60 minutes of exercise per day and mental stimulation just to keep them busy.


This breed of dog is a mix of Basset Hound and Dachshund Mix. This breed is indeed right for older owners because they need only a low level of exercise and more on cuddles.

They can be comfortable living in either apartments or larger houses because they can adapt easily to any place. Basschshund is a unique mix dog breed that is known for their being good-natured and being playful. 

Mixing Basset Hound and Dachshund Mix will result in unpredictable dog appearance. Therefore, it is quite difficult to predict what their puppies will look like.

However, most of them have a medium-sized dog that weighs between 25 and 45 lb. They can stand from 6 to 10 inches high.

Some Basschshund may spend most of their time sleeping while others like a whole day of playing. But generally, they are very intelligent but also stubborn sometimes.

These personalities have to be trained properly for them to act accordingly. Pet owners should be consistent during the training. At first, it may be a struggle, but with passion and patience, for sure, you will achieve good results.


This dog is the product of cross-breeding Golden Retriever and Dachshund Mix. This dog has many names, such as Golden Dachshund, Goldenweenie, Golden Weiner, or Golden Dox.

However, these nicknames all referred to the same Goldenshund Mix dog. They are common for their being playful and nature lovers.

Combining the personalities of their parents, Goldenshunds’ temperament is unpredictable. Both parents have opposite personalities. Generally, their size can also differ due to their parents’ size. 

These dogs’ average weight is from 30 – 60 lb. and can stand between 10 and 23 inches tall. Diet is the main concern of owners of Goldenshund.

This is because their stomach is very sensitive. Their diet should be taken care of properly. In choosing raw, dry, or wet food, you should be consistent. In terms of quality, choose the best one.


This type of dog is a mix of Dalmatian and Dachshund Mix. They are known to be friendly not only with people but also with other dogs around them.

Dachsatians are the best match for children because they love to play and like to stay outside. Since their parents are both known for being stubborn, there is also a possibility that Dachsatians can have such a personality.

They can be protective over items; therefore, advise your children to ask permission from these dogs whenever they will get items from them. Perhaps trading items is a good idea.


Pekingese and Dachshund are the parents of Pekehund. Pekehunds are known for their unique appearance. They are a family-oriented dog which shows a mild temperament.

They have a balanced personality. They are lively and can be manageable. Their appearance varies depending upon the traits that they got from their parents. Their coat texture and length vary a bit.


This dog is a crossbreed of Cavalier King Charles and Dachshund. Dashaliers are said to be companion dogs. They usually seek attention and are considered social dogs.

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