14 Sweet Signs Your Dachshund Considers You Its Mother

Dogs have an incredible capacity for forming strong bonds with their human companions, often viewing them as more than just friends but as parental figures. If you’ve ever wondered whether your dog sees you as its mother, there are numerous heartwarming signs that indicate the depth of this special relationship. Here are 14 sweet signs your dog considers you its mother:

1. Seeking Comfort:

When your dog seeks comfort from you during times of distress, such as thunderstorms or fireworks, it demonstrates a deep trust and reliance on you for protection and security, much like a puppy seeking comfort from its mother.

2. Following You Everywhere:

If your dog constantly follows you around the house, it’s a sign of their strong attachment and desire to be near you, similar to how a puppy follows its mother for guidance and reassurance.

3. Sleeping Close to You:

Dogs that prefer to sleep close to their owners, whether on the bed or nearby, often view their owners as their primary source of safety and comfort, akin to a puppy snuggling up to its mother for warmth and security.

4. Bringing You Gifts:

When your dog brings you toys, treats, or other items, it’s a gesture of affection and a desire to please you, much like how a puppy might present gifts to its mother as a sign of respect and gratitude.

5. Grooming Behavior:

Licking your hands, face, or hair is a common behavior in dogs that signifies affection and bonding, mirroring the grooming behavior seen between puppies and their mother.

6. Leaning on You:

When your dog leans against you or rests its head on your lap, it’s a sign of trust and dependence, similar to how a puppy seeks physical contact and reassurance from its mother.

7. Vocalizing for Attention:

Barking, whining, or vocalizing to get your attention is your dog’s way of communicating its needs and desires, much like a puppy vocalizes to its mother for care and attention.

8. Eye Contact:

Maintaining eye contact with you demonstrates your dog’s trust and affection, similar to how a puppy looks to its mother for guidance and approval.

9. Excited Greetings:

When your dog greets you enthusiastically, with wagging tail and joyful expressions, it’s a clear indication of their love and excitement at seeing you, much like a puppy’s reaction when its mother returns after being away.

10. Mimicking Your Behavior:

Dogs often mimic their owner’s behavior as a form of bonding and social learning, akin to how puppies learn from their mother through observation and imitation.

11. Protective Behavior:

If your dog exhibits protective behavior towards you, such as growling at strangers or standing between you and potential threats, it’s a sign of their deep bond and loyalty, much like a puppy protecting its mother and siblings.

12. Being Your Shadow:

When your dog constantly stays by your side, whether indoors or outdoors, it’s a sign of their strong attachment and desire to be near you, much like a puppy sticking close to its mother for safety and guidance.

13. Bringing You Food:

Offering you food from their bowl or sharing treats is a gesture of affection and trust, similar to how a puppy might share food with its mother or littermates.

14. Celebrating Milestones Together:

Sharing special moments and milestones with your dog, such as birthdays or adoption anniversaries, strengthens the bond between you and reinforces their perception of you as their loving and nurturing caregiver.


The bond between a dog and its owner is a truly special and heartwarming relationship. If your dog displays these sweet signs of affection and attachment towards you, it’s a beautiful indication of the love and trust they have in you as their cherished mother figure. Embrace these moments of connection and cherish the unique bond you share with your furry companion.