12 Sneaky Tricks Your Yorkie Uses to Make You Look Silly

Are you searching for the sneaky tricks your dog uses to make you look silly? You have come to the right place.
Dogs are known as man’s best friend, but let’s be honest: sometimes, they can be quite the little tricksters. You’ll learn 12 sneaky tricks to ensure your dog doesn’t make a fool out of you.
Let’s dive in!
12 Sneaky Tricks Your Dog Uses to Make You Look Silly

1) Mastering The Sad Puppy Eyes

One of the oldest tricks in the book is the use of the “sad puppy eyes.” Your dog knows just how to tilt their head and give you a look that melts your heart. It’s almost as if they’ve studied human psychology.
Before you know it, you’re handing over a piece of your dinner or letting them hop onto the couch, all because of those irresistible eyes. This is a classic maneuver that dogs deploy to get their way, and it usually works like a charm.

2) Mealtime Manipulation

Second on the list is mealtime manipulation. Your dog watches you intently as you eat, using their cutest, most sorrowful expressions to guilt-trip you into sharing your food. When you finally cave and offer a tidbit, they have the audacity to sniff it and walk away. You’ve been played, and your dog knows it. They’ve turned mealtime into a psychological game, and you’re the one losing.

3) Pretending Not To Hear You

Another sign that your dog might be making a fool out of you is their selective hearing. You call their name or command them to “come,” and they act like they can’t hear you. But as soon as they hear the rustle of a treat bag or the word “walk,” they come running. It’s almost as though they’ve got a built-in filter that only picks up on things that benefit them.

4) Occupying The Bed

You might have bought a bed specifically for your dog, but where do they end up? Snuggled next to you, occupying half the bed, and maybe even pushing you to the edge. They stretch out as though they own the place, and we often just let them, sacrificing our own comfort for theirs.

6) The Unending Game of Fetch

You throw a ball, thinking it will tire your dog out. They fetch it, bring it back, and the game goes on. After countless throws, you start to realize that you’re the one getting tired, not your pup. It’s as if they have an unlimited supply of energy just to keep you in this endless loop.

7) Delaying Tactics At Bedtime

Just when you think it’s time for bed, your dog decides they need to go outside, they need water, or maybe just one more belly rub. You find yourself catering to their whims, only to realize they’ve successfully delayed bedtime by another half an hour.

8) Sneaking Into The Human Food

You turn your back for just one second, and they’ve already got their paws on your dinner. You can’t really prove it, but you suspect they time it perfectly, waiting for that moment when you’re distracted.

9) Playing Dumb

Sometimes, your dog will act as though they don’t understand a command they’ve known for years, just to see if they can get away with it. They may even look at you with a confused expression, making you second-guess whether they actually know the command. But let’s be real: they know.

10) Treat Scavenger Hunt

Your dog knows exactly where you keep the treats. They’ll sit by the cabinet, whining and pawing until you give in. But here’s the catch—sometimes they won’t eat the treat right away. Instead, they’ll carry it off to hide it somewhere, turning your home into a treat scavenger hunt. You find these hidden treasures days later, often in the most unexpected places.

11) Constantly “Losing” Their Toys Under Furniture

This might seem accidental, but some dogs seem to enjoy watching us contort ourselves into awkward positions to retrieve a toy they’ve shoved under the couch. They play innocent, but there’s a glint of mischief in their eyes.

12) Acting Like They Haven’t Been Fed

They look at you with those eyes, acting as if they haven’t eaten in days. You could swear you fed them not too long ago, but their convincing act makes you question your own memory. Before you know it, they’ve scored an extra meal.

In conclusion, dogs are far more cunning than we give them credit for. While we think we’re the ones in control, there’s a good chance our furry friends are the true puppet masters, orchestrating things behind the scenes in the most adorable way possible. But let’s face it, even if they are making fools out of us, we wouldn’t have it any other way.
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