12 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Own A Yorkie!

So, you’re thinking about inviting a Yorkshire Terrier into your life? Well, hold onto your hairbrushes because we’re about to uncover the 12 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Own a Yorkie. Don’t let their tiny size fool you; these pocket-sized bundles of energy come with a side of mischief. Buckle up, fashionistas, because your world is about to get a whole lot fluffier.

12 Reasons Why You Should NEVER EVER Own A Yorkie!

  1. Tiny Tyrants: Yorkies might be small, but they’ve got a Napoleon complex that could rival any ruler. Get ready for a four-legged dictator.
  2. Hair, Hair Everywhere: Say goodbye to that pristine black outfit. Yorkie hair is a fashion statement they insist you wear—on every piece of clothing you own.
  3. Snack-Sized Snatchers: Your snacks are no longer safe. Yorkies have mastered the art of covert operations to liberate treats from unsuspecting owners.
  4. High-Pitched Hilarity: Their bark might be small, but it’s mighty high-pitched. Brace yourself for a symphony of squeaky barks that can rival any fire alarm.
  5. Naptime Negotiators: Negotiating naptime is futile. These pint-sized powerhouses have a way of dictating when and where they will catch their beauty sleep.
  6. Bold and the Beautiful Bathtime Dramas: Bathing a Yorkie is a theatrical production. Expect dramatic reactions, wet paw prints everywhere, and a disgruntled diva post-bath.
  7. Designer Dog Demands: Yorkies have a penchant for the finer things in life. Be prepared to invest in doggy bling and accessories that match their royal status.
  8. Fashion Police on Patrol: Forget about getting dressed in peace. Yorkies are the ultimate fashion critics, with a strong opinion on every outfit you try on.
  9. Feisty but Fragile: These little warriors might have a feisty spirit, but their delicate bones need extra care. Watch where you step – you’re treading on royalty!
  10. Socialites with Sass: Yorkies are born socialites, but they come with a side of sass. Prepare for a charismatic canine who might just steal the spotlight at every social gathering.
  11. Bedtime Ballet: Sleeping arrangements are non-negotiable. Your bed is now their stage, and you’re a mere guest in their nightly ballet.
  12. Lapdog Limitations: Yorkies are not aware of their size. They firmly believe that they are the perfect size for your lap, your shoulder, and any other cozy spot they desire.


In conclusion, while Yorkies may come with a few quirks, their tiny antics and larger-than-life personalities make them the ultimate companions. So, Yorkie enthusiasts, embrace the fluff, the fashion critiques, and the snack-time shenanigans. Life is simply better with a Yorkie by your side, ruling your heart and wardrobe simultaneously!