11 Ways You May Be Unintentionally Shortening Your Dachshund’s Life

One of the biggest responsibilities that a person can have is to own a dog. Your dogs will always depend on you to make the best decisions for them on everything they do, from what they eat, what toys they play with, to the way their hair is cut.

We all know that all dog owners want the best for their dogs, and have the best intentions at heart, certain choices that seem simple and harmless may actually result in fewer years with you lovely friend.

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Skipping Annual Vet Visits

Some dog owners think that taking their dogs to the vet when they seem perfectly healthy is a waste of time and money. However, as humans, there are some signs of illness that can not be seen. Your pup has the difficulty of not being able to communicate how they are feeling on the inside.

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Letting your dog gain too much weight

Statistics from Association for Pet Obesity Prevention have shown that an estimated 53 percent of dogs were overweight last year. Carrying extra pounds can be dangerous for your pup and shorten your dog’s life, moreover, reduce the quality of the years you have with him. If you let your doggain much weight can suffer arthritis, exercise intolerance, diabetes, liver disease and high blood pressure.

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