10 Reasons Your Yorkie Licks Everything and How to Help

Licking a lot isn’t just limited to Yorkies but it is fairly common among toy dog breeds. Sometimes Yorkies lick themselves or their owners, other times they may just give the sofa a lick or even the wall (yes, I have witnessed this first hand and no, my house is not just in need of a good wipe down).

Although it may be somewhat frustrating, most of the time your dog’s propensity for licking is perfectly natural. However, excessive licking can be a warning signal that your dog is unhappy, unsettled or even unwell. Whether your dog has a health issue or purely a behavioral one this article should help you gain a better understanding of what’s happening and what to do next.

10 Reasons Your Yorkie Licks Everything:

1. Your Yorkie Is Bored, Nervous, Anxious or Stressed

Some people have nervous habits that kick-in when they’re bored or during stressful times. These are often things such as biting fingernails or twirling hair. For many dogs, the equivalent is that they lick themselves, or anything nearby including the air itself.

There are many things that could trigger this behavior. A few of which could be:

  • Did you just pick up your keys or put on your shoes, and your dog knows you’re leaving?
  • Is your suitcase out when it is normally put in a storage area?
  • Did you just bring the vacuum cleaner out of the closet?
  • Does your dog get nervous going to the vet or groomer and suspects that’s why he’s in the car?

Take some time to offer your furry friend some comfort – make sure they know that everything is fine. Offer them something special to redirect their focus. In time, they will associate these things with something pleasant rather than something nerve-wracking.

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