10 Reasons why you should own a Dachshund Puppy

A Dachshund, or as it is often referred to, the wiener dog is a breed that is quite lively and friendly. This dog is considered to be an excellent hunter since it utilizes its sense of smell and a very low, long body. This breed was originally bred to chase, scent, and flush out badgers, as well as smaller prey, like rabbits or pheasants, because of its big paddle-shaped paws which are great for digging. In this article, you will be able to read about the advantages of having a Dachshund as your best friend. Let’s take a look:

1. Cute, Small Size

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2. An excellent pet

This dog makes an excellent pet since it does not occupy a lot of space in your home, because of its small size and it is not expensive since it does not consume food as other breeds. This is perhaps one of the biggest financial benefits of this dog. Also, these dogs do not shed often, which means that there will be less hair for you to clean. They also do not need a lot of exercises, which basically makes it a low maintenance dog.

3. Low in maintenance and cost

One of the biggest financial benefits of this breed is that they require low maintenance. They are also easy to travel and move around with, and these dogs are perfect for families and people who are retired.

4. They are funny

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5. Great Watch Dog

The Dachshund is known to be hyper-alert and will aggressively bark whenever there is an intruder or stranger in your home. It is a very protective dog and quite aggressive towards intruders.

6. A very good temperament

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7. They are quite active

Despite the Dachshund being small, they are accomplished hunters that love to run around and explore different and new things. They are extremely daring and will keep you on your feet with their extraordinary energy.

8. Life Expectancy

9. Plainly adorable

These dogs are adorable and it is known that they are both cuddly and lovable. It is a lively and playful dog, a wonderful companion and they get a lot of attention during their afternoon walks.

10. Simple to Socialize

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The Dachshund is loyal, friendly, easy to socialize, and plainly adorable. They will not be a threat to young children or other pets in your home. They are simply loving friends and life companions.

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