10 reasons Dachshunds are underrated. It is time they get some more love

There are many reasons why most people think that dogs are not the best. Some of them are related to their enthusiasm, or some people consider it unnecessary energy. While others think they create a mess in the house. In this blog, we will describe the top 10 reasons why you should love a dog.

10 reasons why you should love a dog

Following are the 10 reasons why you should love a dog:

They are adorable

Dogs are adorable creatures. They love to be around you, and they have cute eyes and innocent smiles that will attract your attention whenever you are near them. Huskies, chihuahua, and German shepherds have the cutest and adorable puppies.

They get along with other dogs

Dogs can get along with other dogs easily. Actually, they love the company of their canine friends. Whenever you introduce a new pet to the family, they will accept it because you love the pet.

They will play, explore, and protect the new pet that has taken its place in the house. They are not very jealous of other pets in the house, and it is highly unlikely they will get caught up in a fight with them.

You can take them anywhere

Dogs are excellent companions, and you can take them anywhere and anytime you want. They love to travel to new places with you and will be your loyal companion along the way. They are excellent explorers, so you need not worry about the place you are taking your dog.

They can sense danger

Now, this is the most reliable trait of your dog. A dog can sense danger early and can warn you about the incoming threat. They also proved to be excellent guard animals. Dogs protect their owners at any cost, even if they have to give up their lives for the safety of their owners.

They can sense emotions

Dogs are good at reading emotions. They can stay with you when you are sad and try to cheer you up. If you are happy, they get excited and try to match your energy. They always want you to be happy and energetic.

Dogs never judge you

Unlike humans, dogs are animals who will not judge you in any case. You can easily talk to them, and they accept you as you are. Dogs are your crime partners. They will hunt with you and will help you in any case without giving it a second thought.

They can take a nap with you

Dogs love to sleep with you, and they think you are their parents. If you wish to cuddle with them, they’re there for you no matter what happens. They love to cuddle, especially at night when they are tired.

They are strong

Dogs are very strong animals, both physically and emotionally. They can prove useful as guard dogs, emotional support animals, and service dogs. For such purposes, dogs are trained to be man’s best companion.

In case you are unable to do your work, they can do it for you. They will support you both physically and mentally, and you do not need anyone else for this job.

They have a big heart

Dogs easily forgive people. Dogs have a very big heart, especially when it comes to accepting people or other pets in the house. They get along easily with any human without showing a slight discomfort. If you love them, they will love you back, especially when you are offering them food.
You can take them for a walk

This is the part dogs love the most. They love to take a walk with you and listen to your chatter. They cannot speak, but they can listen and understand your emotions. They get excited when you take them for a walk and will try to explore the neighborhood.

They love the sun

Most of the dogs love the sun as they think it gives them positive energy. If you do not have the energy to go out with them, you can sunbathe with them and see how adorable they are playing and cuddling in the sun.

Sun also gives the fur a shiny texture and vitamin D, which is essential for the bones of your dog. Moreover, they feel alive in the sun in winter as it helps to improve their metabolism. In the summer, dogs tend to remain in the shaded area, but still, sometimes they love to go out.


So far, we have described the most basic reasons why you should love a dog and how it can impact your life to have a dog in your home. Dogs are very fond of their human companions and are the most loyal species of companion animal alive.