10 Common Signs Your Dachshund Dog Trusts You but You Don’t know

Building trust with your Dachshund is essential for a strong and harmonious relationship. While dogs may not express trust in the same way humans do, there are subtle signs that indicate your Dachshund trusts you deeply. Recognizing these signs can help strengthen your bond and enhance your connection with your furry companion. Here are 10 common signs that your Dachshund dog trusts you, even if you may not be fully aware of it.

1. Seeking Physical Contact

Your Dachshund seeks physical closeness with you, such as leaning against you, cuddling, or resting their head on your lap, indicating a strong bond and trust.

2. Relaxed Body Language

When your Dachshund exhibits relaxed body language around you, including loose muscles, wagging tail, and soft eyes, it’s a sign that they feel comfortable and safe in your presence.

3. Following You Around

Your Dachshund follows you from room to room, showing a desire to be near you and participate in your activities, which indicates a deep trust and attachment.

4. Offering Belly for Rubs

When your Dachshund exposes their belly and solicits belly rubs from you, it’s a sign of vulnerability and trust, as they’re displaying a sensitive area and allowing you to interact with it.

5. Responding to Your Voice

Your Dachshund responds positively to your voice, showing excitement or eagerness when you speak to them, indicating that they trust and enjoy your presence and communication.

6. Accepting Handling

Your Dachshund allows you to handle them without showing signs of fear or aggression, such as calmly accepting grooming, nail trimming, or veterinary procedures, demonstrating trust in your care.

7. Bringing You Gifts

Your Dachshund presents you with toys, treats, or items they cherish, as a sign of trust and affection, indicating that they view you as a valued member of their pack.

8. Sleeping in Your Presence

Your Dachshund feels secure enough to sleep in your presence, whether it’s curling up beside you, on your lap, or in your bed, showing trust and a sense of safety.

9. Reacting Positively to New People or Situations in Your Presence

When your Dachshund remains calm and confident in new environments or around unfamiliar people as long as you’re present, it’s a sign that they trust you to keep them safe.

10. Displaying Playfulness and Joy

Your Dachshund exhibits playful behavior, such as zooming around, playing with toys, or engaging in silly antics, indicating a sense of happiness, security, and trust in your presence.


Understanding and appreciating the signs of trust your Dachshund displays is key to fostering a loving and trusting relationship. By being attuned to their behavior and responding with care and affection, you can further solidify the bond you share with your Dachshund. Remember to always respect their individual needs and preferences, and continue nurturing the trust and mutual respect between you and your beloved Dachshund companion.

img source: flickr.com/photos/em2me / flickr.com/photos/jasontucker